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Program Emphases

Master of Arts in Political Science - Social Science Teacher Emphasis in America Studies 

The M.A. political science program offers a fully distant emphasis for social science teachers. Currently, there is high demand for teachers with Master's degrees to teach high school or community college American Government courses.  In order to meet this demand, our program faculty offer the social science teacher emphasis - exclusively online.

This emphasis consists of 36 online-course hours, taught by the Texas State graduate faculty. Upon completion of prescribed course work, students teach two college level classes either at Texas State or at a cooperating community college in the student’s geographic area.

Admission and enrollment is limited to 20 students per term. 


Master of Political Science: Course Emphases

Students may wish to complete a particular set of courses that highlight their area of interest while fulfilling the requirement for their MA in political science. While not required, these tailored courses can help demonstrate a learning focus for future employment or an advanced degree.