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Master of Arts in Political Science - Social Science Teacher Emphasis in American Studies

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Currently, there is high demand for teachers with Master's degrees to teach high school or community college American Government courses.  In order to meet this demand, our program faculty offers the MA Political Science - Social Science Teacher Emphasis in American Studies exclusively online. This opportunity provides secondary social science teachers the ability to acquire a graduate degree through specialized implementation of our American Studies emphasis within the Non-Thesis track. 

For secondary social science teachers, the MA in Political Science - Social Science Teacher Emphasis in American Studies is a 36-hour program that can be completed in two years, including summer sessions, and is offered completely online. In the first year, students will take a 21 hour core of prescribed courses that study American constitutionalism, political institutions, and political thought.

Upon completion of prescribed course work students teach a college level class at Texas State, or at a cooperating community college in the student’s geographic area.

Admission and enrollment is limited to 20 students per term. 

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Students will also complete 9 hours of related coursework. The program culminates with the completion of a comprehensive exam and a practicum that allows students to earn credit hours teaching college level American government courses.

Career Supportive Electives (9 hours)

Students will complete 9 hours of graduate level coursework in approved fields.

The Teaching Practicum (6 hours)

Political Science Curriculum Development (3 hours)

Political Science Teaching Practicum (3 hours)

Students will be mentored by faculty in developing the syllabus for a college level introductory course in American government and then teach the course at either a community college or at Texas State. The practicum, thus, can be an important step in the professional development of teachers who offer dual credit or advanced placement classes. It not only allows students to work closely with distinguished faculty who enjoy national reputations, it also encourages their continued participation in an integrative approach to how American government is taught in high school, community colleges, and four year universities.

The Comprehensive Exam

The exam will cover the program's core and will be written and graded by participating faculty.

Contact Information

Professor Sherri Mora

Associate Chair and District Liaison

(512) 245-7427


Dr. Cecilia Castillo

MA Director

(512) 245-3991


Dr. Kenneth Ward

American Studies Advisor

(512) 245-2068




Jamie Falconnier

Student Development Specialist II

(512) 245-5394